Curated by Mana Common Artistic Director and President Eugene Lemay, with Mana Common Curatorial Director Ysabel Pinyol, this exhibition focuses on the crossover of art and science. The show takes the Pythagorean structure of the Seven Liberal Arts, disciplines identified in classical times which form the basis of modern education and intellectual development. These seven arts are divided into two sections: The Trivium (language: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric), which takes form as a booklet essays by journalist Filippo Brunamonti, science historian and writer D.Graham Burnett, and composer/?artist/?architect Christopher Janney; and The Quadrivium (Astronomy, Arithmetic, Geometry, and Harmony) which will include work by Loris Cecchini, Catalina Jaramillo, GT Pellizzi, Lauretta Vinciarelli, among others. This exhibit will be presented every year at Miami with new artists.